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Submitted by Nigel the good dog.

7 Responses to “124740”

  1. Russia says:

    You know what’s funnier than 25?
    The fact that Ringo is holding a drumstick on top of his head in what looks like an attempt to be a unicorn.

  2. Whispy says:

    Nice John Lennon reference, Nigel. Arf, arf, our little hairy friend…

    AND YAY.
    RINGO. <3


    Patrick’s name is now 24. End of story, case closed.

  4. Paulies_Girl444 says:

    Ringo!!!! I love you!!! <3

  5. Draco Puppet says:


    I disagree. Ringo is obviously trying to imitate a narwhal, cuz they are so awesome.

  6. Snyarhedir says:

    Then the thing would be poking out of his MOUTH. Seriously, go do some research.

  7. Snyarhedir and Leonard says:

    No, Sheldon, I don’t care what’s funnier than 24!

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